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About US

  • At Jacques Consulting, We Contribute to Success.

    By providing focused, effective, and relevant consulting services, we can maximize the effectiveness of leaders.

    We bring together the latest in best practices, applied research and leading edge tools, to help leaders become clear, confident, and collaborative in their approach to guiding their people and their organizations.

  • Our Team

    Fred Jacques is an organizational development consultant and leadership educator with over 30 years of experience in both the public and the private sectors.

    His consulting practice focuses on leadership development, executive coaching and change management with clients across Canada and the U.S., and was launched following a successful career as an internal consultant and human resources manager for several large organizations.

  • Our Approach

    Leadership is a relationship, and our process focuses first on helping individuals to understand themselves. We teach people how to lead, through a foundation of trust and empowerment.

    Here at Jacques Consulting, we believe the most effective leadership development is internally motivated, focused, and goal-directed with personal, team, and organizational targets.

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Leadership Development

We offer research-based and practically oriented leadership development services that include an integrated...

Leadership Coaching

We offer this service as part of an integrated leadership development program, or as a separate service available in team groups.

Training & Development

We offer a full range of both standard and fully customized training solutions in those areas most closely linked to the...

Assessment Services

Self-knowledge and an awareness of how others perceive us can be key to identifying strengths and areas for development as a leader.


Our Process

Our unique approach to team building and leadership develop creates critical thinkers and focused, motivated individuals. We set the PACE:


What are the individual and the organization trying to achieve through the process of leadership development? This provides the overall framework for the Leadership Development process and ultimately assists in focused goal-setting.


The foundation of successful leadership development is personal awareness: what are the individual's strengths and developmental areas? How do they and others perceive themselves in a leadership role?


What is the significance of the data gathered from self-awareness and self-assessment? What is the impact on the individual's effectiveness as a leader? Where are the growth and improvement opportunities?

Enabling Effectiveness

This is the 'rubber hits the road' application: what does this individual need to do differently and how can we assist him or her in knowledge growth, skill acquisition, clarity, self-confidence and behavioural change to maximize their effectiveness as a leader?

Develop Business Leaders

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